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Alexandra Lund | The Fitness Force Blonde | Miami Shores, FL -

Meet Queen Ale | The Fitness Force Blonde | Miami Shores, FL

Hola Hi! As you know, since last year I started the tradition of choosing May as our Featured Mom's Month, teaming up with my dear María Cordova, Rockstar lifestyle & wedding photographer. Each week you will have the opportunity to learn about women that we admire and consider fearless statements. They lead, inspire, innovate, and dare to do the unconventional. All of them are entrepreneurs, and empower our tribe to keep reaching our dreams relentlessly!

There she is…

Tell our tribe, who you are, and what you do!
I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I love developing and implementing personalized exercise programs for individuals and groups. Each class is tailored to help you understand your own body and set your mind while getting fit and stronger and staying on track. That's how we reach your fitness goals.

1 - Your pregnancy: Surprising or expected?
We were delighted when we got the news as we were trying to conceive. We waited a few years after we got married; and when the time was right for us, we decided to become parents. We have two beautiful kids: our girl who is almost 11, and our boy who is seven years old.

2 - Are there any stories from your pregnancies that you could share with us?
Both pregnancies were wonderful and healthy, with only a few common symptoms like morning sickness. But at the end of the second pregnancy, I did experience some significant changes as the baby was born prematurely. At home, a few days before the due date, I felt that something was not right; I did not become ill nor did I presented visual or external warnings; but following my instincts, I decided to go to the hospital, and hours later I had my baby in my arms. It was a stressful time for us, but yes, a potent reminder that instincts and that innate ability to connect to our babies are real. Both deliveries were via C-Section, and each time we left the hospital feeling accomplished and excited! Some of the most vivid memories I have from both pregnancies are the shape of my belly, which was different each time, and how my body reacted to food. With the first one, I eat everything that I wanted, but with the second one, I was more conscious.

3 - How did you feel the first time your kids called you "mom"?
When babies start making noises, and they start saying certain words, the first one that you want to hear first is Mom instead of Dad! And when finally I heard them say, "Mom" my heart melted! I was so happy and excited! I love being the mom of my Children!

4 - How having children changed your perception of motherhood?
I've always liked kids! But when you are a Mom, you start seeing thru" eye's moms." I am constantly questioning whether something its right or wrong, too much or too little; but for me, knowing that I have to take care for their wellbeing, makes me feel that much more empowered. It's like having a beautiful reminder that I have to be a good and positive role model.

5 - What were your feelings when you first had to drop off your child at the daycare/school/nanny's place?
Each time I was petrified! I wondered whether they were going to feel scared without me. The feeling was horrible! But I think that, in the end, its worst for the parents than for the children! Ha!

6 - Do you feel that your first kids' arrival has brought your family closer?
Our two kids brought joy into our life's because we plan them! one back since.

7 - If everything in your life was perfect, how many kids would you have?
Just two: a Girl and a Boy! It is about quality, not quantity.

8 - Do you secretly keep a plan for your child's future, or, do you think they should make their own decisions about it?
There's not a secret plan for our kid's futures! I think parents do have the right, and it is part of our duty, to guide them and talk to them about what we believe it will be better for them, and this guidance must come from love. I do think tapping into their strengths, likes, and dislikes, it is helpful for their futures. Having a Life-Plan, in general, it's as essential as incorporating honesty, loyalty, and kindness into that plan; so we are working towards building a strong character and happy, positive people. I want my kids to enjoy life!

9 - What inspired you to choose the name you did for your children?
Our kid's names represent radiance and strength!
Danika, which means "morning star," I have always loved! It is the character's name of one of the girls in my favorite TV shows growing up: The Wonder Years. Besides, there is a believed in my country, Colombia, that the luckiest person is the one "born with a star upon your head." So Danika, my morning star, was just perfect for my girl.
Dominik, which sounds strong to us, it's a name that we both like. From the beginning, we felt a strong connection between our baby and the name. It is unique, and it means "Belonging to the Lord."

10 - What has been your biggest challenge and the greatest satisfaction about becoming a mother?
My biggest challenge has been patience, and now that I'm back into a professional scene, it has been Time Management. My highest satisfaction is feeling, and knowing, that every day I do strive to give them the best of me! It is beautiful to hear them say, "Mom, you are the best!" and things like "I Love you so much that I don't want to let you go." Another great source of happiness is to see them happy for doing good at school or any activity. Seeing them smile because of their accomplishments, it's enriching for a parent.

11 - Until now, what phase your kids went through have you enjoyed the most, and which one has been the hardest to understand?
I think every phase, month, even each year, has its challenges and greatness!
The hardest one, perhaps, was having a new baby in my arms. I think that in general, there is a sense of uncertainty when bringing a newborn home; like we, as parents, don't know exactly what we are doing. Even with my second baby, I felt that way! And since my kids are not teenagers yet, I can't cross that one as being the most challenging phase. Only time will tell!
But to compensate feelings of uncertainty or moments of doubt, I do put time and effort to find solutions or the best possible ways to help my children.

12 - What you'd have loved to know before becoming a mother, that super-useful-secret that nobody told you before?
I think there is neither a secret nor a magic parenting advice that fits every family because it is subjective. Life comes with challenges, and we all have different approaches to it! As much as I appreciate good advice, I think everyone speaks from their own experiences, and it all depends on what kind of life you had or have.

13 - When do you think is the best age or time in your life to have kids?
It depends! The more mature you are, the more responsible you get to face the challenges of becoming a mom! In my case, I wanted to have a baby with "the right person," so I waited. My husband came into my life when I was on my 30's.

14 - Tell me your favorite thing about being a mom. And something that you don't really like that much? (don't sugar coat it!)
One of my favorite things as a parent it's getting everyone together for a "Family Movie Time"!
What I don't like is when they get in trouble at school, when they talk back, and when they pretend to know more than me!

15 - Have you found yourself, repeating your mother in front of your children?
Of course! I do quote my mother, and I do use our Colombian parenting phrases or sayings, but sometimes the meaning is not the same, and things get lost in translation. We do laugh about the lack of proper translation. Some sayings are just very unique!

16 - What do you think is the superpower that every mom should have?
Patience and Love!

17 - If you could give just one and only one advice for life to your kids, what that would have been?
They have to believe in themselves because they can do it!

18 - What would have you advised to your younger self before becoming a mother?
Nothing - to be honest! That's why I waited until I was older!

19 - What would you do, if fear wouldn't stop you?
I do work hard in conquering my fears. I am a go-get-it type of person.

20 - What are the most valued virtues that you have inherited from your mother?
My mom thought me to be honest, hardworking, loving, kind, and organized.
I truly believe her when she says that my brother and I were made with pure love, and that love is the reason that makes us special! My parents got divorced when I was six years old, but we have always felt that special bond among all of us.

21 - What is your favorite part about wearing Roxana Lynch headpieces?
I love this headpiece because it makes me feel like a Queen! It was not heavy at all! Very beautiful and comfy to wear! For the photoshoot, we had to adjust it a little bit just because my head is so tiny, and it was a piece of cake!


+ Couture Hair adornments by Roxana Lynch
+ Alexandra is wearing:
+ Yemaya Teardrop Crystal Headdress from Divine Collection

+ Photographer Maria Cordova
+ Photographer Assistant: Michelle Milian
+ Featured Super Mom: Alexandra Lund
+ Location: Miami Shores, FL

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