Custom Order Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you able to create a unique, special piece just for me?

Yes! Custom Commissions are my jam. I would love to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your big day or best occasion. Please contact me with your inquiry, and we'll take it from there. I’ll respond within 5 business days and do my best to please you and put a smile on your face.

  • Can you customize one of your existing designs?

Yes!, customization is an option offered in Custom Commissions. They vary depending on the style and material available at the time. Just contact me to discuss your ideas and share more details.


  • I love this design! Can you copy it, exactly?

No, non, nahi, niet, nope!, never. I won’t copy other designer’s work. It goes against my values, the law and is bad karma! If you really love that design, be supportive and buy it from them. I can take it as a reference as what inspires you, but if you commission a Custom headpiece from me, that is exactly what you should expect. A Roxana Lynch Custom headpiece. What you see, is what you get.


  • Where is your boutique? I want to visit you for a consultation?

My studio is located in Miami. At the moment, I offer private consultations in my showroom, by appointment only.

I currently offer my collections exclusively from our website. You can shop online 24/7 in your comfort zone!

For Custom Commissions, once you contact me with your inquiry, I’ll send a form asking for all I need to know to create your dream headpiece. I barely take measurements anymore. Most of my hair adornments are designed to fit you well regardless of your head frame.

Occasionally, I do participate in curated markets, trunk shows, or I am invited to showcase my collection in retail stores.

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  • When should I place my Custom order?

Creating uniquely beautiful things is not a quickie! Always is better to give it as much time as you can afford. Sometimes the muse is right there, sometimes is not. To me, is important to honor and respect the timing of my creative process. I don’t force it, because I need to keep loving what I do with such passion after many years creating.

Please, book your Custom Commission as soon as you have chosen your gown, don’t wait until the last moment. If possible, do it at least 3 months before your big event or wedding to allow enough time for production and shipping. 

  • How long should I wait until I receive my Custom headpiece??

Production time is based on the order and my bookings. Even though it can be much less (if I have everything I need in stock), the average timeframe for orders is between 3-8 weeks. This includes concept, brainstorming, design, and confection; as well as the ordering of supplies and shipping of the product.

Keep in mind that, while I’d love to accept all Custom Commissions, there is a limit on how many of them I can handle. I will wholeheartedly appreciate it if you submit your inquiry in time to be able to meet your expectations.

Plan in advance and place your order, especially when nearing holidays!



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