The Brand

The Brand

The Roxana Lynch brand is an ovation to bold, passionate, creative women where ritual and attitude mingle and their divine feminine rise.

In late 2015, I started creating handcrafted hair adornments and millinery as headpieces that tell stories, fusing whimsical realms and eclectic elements, all collected from the riches of life’s journey and my vintage treasure trunk.

RL’s celebrates self-acceptance and self-expression.

I seek to inspire you to:
+ Conquer your soul’s deepest desires with enriching experiences
+ Blossom and push yourself to break boundaries
+ Embrace all your dualities—those ambivalences that make you distinctly you.

Courageous, but kind-hearted; dainty, but powerful; vulnerable, but unstoppable.

You, rebel damsel seduce making deep connections. You intrigue and allure those who dare unravel your mysteries—and you secretly enjoy it.

Welcome to our world!

Oh! The Name

Aside from being my name, the reason I chose Roxana to embody my brand, was due to my husband who pointed out the historic and heroic significance of it as Alexander the Great’s first wife. Rosario Dawson’s unforgettable interpretation in the 2004 movie, Alexander the Great, explains it best:

She was fierce and unruly, a passionate lioness, yet a brave Queen with the exuberance of a Goddess.

This is also my way of reminding you to own your power, truly value your worth, and change your world.

Ready to rule?

I was born ready

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