Giving Back

Giving Back

To me, is very simple. Our kids, the next tribes living in our precious planet are going to inherit the world we are building now. Doing my part means respecting nature in every way possible and keeping my values present in my work. Because I absolutely love what I do, I always execute my craft with deep gratitude in my heart.

It brings me happiness and peace, feeling honored to contributing to improve my community, and boost causes that I believe in, wholeheartedly:

This is my way to give back as an individual:

+ Donating to Lotus House Shelter to end child and family homelessness by helping women who are single and head of households with young children

+ Sponsoring The Humane Society of United States the nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization, pursuing to offer a humane world for them.

+ Supporting Programa de Ayuda Humanitaria para Venezuela which receives donations of much needed medical supplies and carefully sends them to Venezuela.

I will always keep trying to make beauty with incorporating environmental elements, gently and spontaneously discarded, or shed by nature itself. Specially flowers, leaves, and feathers.

Easy, fast, cheap, and careless mass production is the new motto out there, for others. Not for me. I chose to preserve over to consume carelessly.

Use your choice power to become part of this movement! Choose life, health, awareness and social justice.

Being Sustentable & Sustainable as possible 

Sustainability is the only way to go. Mother Earth is saying "Save Me". She needs help.

We must make out of this planet a better place to be, for all of us, right? These are the values + reasons that stand behind my work. Think about them every time you buy something from me, because shopping under these concepts – while still giving back like a Rock Star – is sexy! Actually it can become one of life’s greatest joys! .

  • Why Ecofriendly?

+ Being gentle with our Mother Earth and socially responsible is a must. It’s the best investment to ensure a healthy future for humanity. When possible, go green.

+ Rebicycling (reducing, reusing, refurbishing and recycling) is way better than being thrown away.

+ Handcrafters work hard to find and repurpose upcycled components. This is ecologically crucial preservation. Help the planet while feeling and looking great.


  • Why Handcrafted?

+ Mass produced pieces are simply commodities. Nothing says “special” better than handcrafted.

+ Made with passion, delicacy and a whole lot of love, these treasures hold joy, positive energy and thoughtfulness.

+ You are making the conscious decision to contribute to this financial era, offering opportunities for creatives and committed souls.

+ Own a piece that is manufactured through the timeless techniques of old-world artisans .


  • Why Vintage?

+ Classics evoke a sense of the past yet are always in style.

+ Mixing vintage with modern styles accentuates your individuality thus enriching your fashion identity.

+ You are inheriting something with superior quality that has seen life and survived, still looking fabulous.


  • Why Bespoke?

+ Bespoke empowers you to fully express who you are. Get exactly want instead of settling for something just average.

+ You can help design custom pieces spreading the final fairy dust to define your own look, making it feel more personal.

+ As everything is created on demand there is always mindful focus on fine detail, each piece is tailored for perfect fit.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” —Audrey Hepburn.

Remember that!

Now, let’s create something beautiful together.

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