The Designer

The Designer

Hi! I’m Roxana, the face behind Roxana Lynch, The Brand.

 Back in late 2015, I began making handcrafted headpieces to honor women’s divine existence.

I believe all women are powerful, beautiful and unlimited, but sometimes they forget. My mission is to remind them about their greatness.

Feeling fortunate to do what I love, I crown women with storytelling headwear that is alluring, stylish, and daring; making them feel deep emotions, unique, and awesome about themselves!

My purpose is to help you connect to your inner light and to others through headpieces, understood as talismans. All designed for you with loving intention to become part of your memories. I encourage self-discovery, fearless, and liberating transformation to brighten each step on the way to your own journey.

Because radical authenticity is the ultimate self-expression act. Because every woman is a work of art and deserves to stand out.

And also, because the better you impress, the worse you can behave!

Want to know more?

+ Venezuela is my wild and enchanting homeland, which in the past, became home of many immigrants bringing diversity, complexity and cultural richness to my life.

+ Degrees? I got a BFA in Visual Communications + studies related to design, art and craftsmanship. I also have a Master’s degree, in Caribbean Carnivals, syncretism, and oxymorons after having lived in San Francisco, CA and Wilmington, DE.

+ Now I live in the sunny and eclectic City of Miami, FL. You can find me dancing Salsa Brava or Casino Rueda anytime just around the corner!.

+ My work has been featured in the fashion industry with recognized brands, designers, photographers, celebrity stylists, artists, singers, and public figures. Also published in digital and printed media platforms, blogs, radio, video clips, TV channels, movies, and stage plays.

Now, let me know you better and show what I have for you!

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