Meet Goddess Ama | The Multipassioned Bohemian | Wynwood, FL

Meet Goddess Ama | The Multipassioned Bohemian | Wynwood, FL -

Meet Goddess Ama | The Multipassioned Bohemian | Wynwood, FL

Hola Hi! As you know, since last year I started the tradition of choosing May as our Featured Mom's Month, teaming up with my dear María Cordova, Rockstar lifestyle & wedding photographer. Each week you will have the opportunity to learn about women that we admire and consider fearless statements. They lead, inspire, innovate, and dare to do the unconventional. All of them are entrepreneurs, and empower our tribe to keep reaching our dreams relentlessly!

There she is…

Tell our tribe, who you are, and what you do!
Hola! My name is Amaranta, and I am a Multi-Media Artist based in Miami.
I'm passionate about brand identity, art direction, and illustration. After many years in the animation, TV and film world, I decided to move on and pursue my love for art and illustration with my project THESUPERAMA.
I love to design murals around Miami, the city where I live. You can see some of my street art in Wynwood, Downtown, and Midtown.
My other favorite thing to do is collaborations with designers and artists like I did with Lin Art Fashion, a German Fashion Designer. Our clothes have been seen on Steve Aoki, Keri Wilson, Heidi Klum and Theophilus from London.
Inspired by my three-year-old twins, I also co-created a preschool show called PIN PAN PUM. You can now see this series about values and Latin American culture in our YouTube channel or IG @pinpanpumtv
My latest adventure is becoming a mom blogger and influencer so I started a Blog called MAMITA SIN CULPA where you can see all the fun activities I have with my twins, my favorite places to eat and work as a freelancer.
With all my projects, all I want is to bring a positive message that inspires people to connect deeply. Build and share my experiences with creativity and a smile on my face ^_^

1 - What was your initial reaction to being a mom?
The excitement and a little scared…. But when I certainly knew they were twins, I felt TERROR! hahaha!

2 - Are there any stories from your pregnancies that you could share?
It was very shocking to see and feel four legs and four arms inside me. The last month when I was going to the Supermarket I think people felt sorry for me :S … I was HUGE!

3 - What were your feelings when you had to drop your child off at your daycare?
Like every mom! You leave and start driving with tears in your eyes. Considering that my kids were almost two years old, I cannot imagine how those moms that have to leave their babies with just a few months old :(

4 - Do you secretly keep a plan for your twins' future, or, do you think they should make their own decisions about it?
I think kids should have their own opinions and make their own choices. With us being there to guide them, of course. I think that's key for their happiness when they grow up.

5 - What inspired you to choose the name you did for your kids?
Being Latinos living in Miami, we were sure that we wanted names that you could pronounce in Spanish and English. That's why we chose Joaquín and Noah.

6 - What has been your biggest challenge and the highest satisfaction about becoming a mother?
The biggest challenge is to raise two people at the same time, while them being so different. My respects to moms of triplets! The highest satisfaction is to receive so much love and to have to give nothing in return.

7 - How do you summarize in less than five words your relationship with your twinkies?
True Love.

8 - Being a mom of twins, what's the funniest and the most imprudent question you have been asked?
"Why you don't dress them the same?" I used to find it kind of funny. Now, it's just annoooyiiing

9 - What has been your biggest challenge about mothering twins?
Their phase as newborns was the hardest, ever. I didn't understand anything, and I so was exhausted that I felt never had time to make a real connection. I felt super lost.

10 - What you'd have loved to know before becoming a mother, that super useful secret that nobody told you before?
To know the truth. That not everything is beautiful and perfect. You are going to cry and feel so frustrated at times. But all that effort pays off, and it gets better with time.

11 - When do you think is the best age or time in your life to have kids?
I think in your 30's. You still have a lot of energy, you are mature, and you have the confidence to do a great job.

12 - Any unforgettable mischievous story about your kid that you want to share with us?
I think there is neither a secret nor a magic parenting advice that fits every family because it is subjective. Life comes with challenges, and we all have different approaches to it! As much as I appreciate good advice, I think everyone speaks from their own experiences, and it all depends on what kind of life you had or have.

13 - Tell me your favorite thing about being a mom. And something that you don't really like that much
I love to see how they love each other so much. It's a real connection they have, more than regular brothers that were not born the same day.

14 - What would have you advised to your younger self before becoming a mother?
I think you cannot give advice that can prepare you for this. Until I became a parent, I had no idea what life meant. You have to live it to understand it.

15 - Have you found yourself, repeating your mother in your role as mom?
Yes, I think when I get mad, I look a lot like her.

16 - What is that superpower every mom should have?
Energy and PATIENCE.

17 - What is your favorite part about wearing Roxana Lynch headpieces?
I loved it! I feel identified with this versatile and delicate headpiece. Because to me, It represents the flow and cheerful blend of femininity, glamour, and inner strength. And that's exactly how I am! ^_^


+ Couture Hair adornments by Roxana Lynch
+ Amaranta is wearing:
+ Oshun Crystal Mutiway Hairchain from Divine Collection

+ Photographer Maria Cordova
+ Photographer Assistant: Michelle Milian
+ Featured Super Mom: Alexandra Lund
+ Location: Wynwood, FL 

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