Carla Sanchez | Goddess Coach | Parkland, Florida

Carla Sanchez | Goddess Coach | Parkland, Florida -

Meet Goddess Carla  - The Goal Digger Coach | Parkland, FL

Hola Hi! As you know, since last year I started the tradition of choosing May as our Featured Mom's Month, teaming up with my dear María Cordova, Rockstar lifestyle & wedding photographer. Each week you will have the opportunity to learn about women that we admire and consider fearless statements. They lead, inspire, innovate and dare to do the unconventional. All of them are entrepreneurs, and empower our tribe to keep reaching our dreams relentlessly! 

There she is…

Tell our tribe, who you are, what you do, and a fun fact about you! I am Carla Sánchez a Life Coach who specializes in helping women achieve specific goals. I mentor women who want to reach their desired dream by transforming it into reality. As a fun fact, I don't like roaches at all, like I become a little girl when I see a cockroach, screaming, running and asking for help...

1 - Your pregnancy: Surprising or expected?
My pregnancy was planned and expected even though the timing was not how we envisioned it, especially after having experienced a loss before our Daniel arrived. It was an amazing process which taught me a lot about strength, love and releasing everything to God.

2 - Are there any stories from your pregnancies that you could share?
I honestly didn't feel like myself during my pregnancy. I am gonna be honest. I did not enjoy being pregnant. I felt tired and I just didn't want to do anything which is very much unlike me since I am a woman of action and I am in constant movement. Besides my labor lasted 62 hours of natural, no medication work. So, I am not one of those moms who enjoyed their pregnancy, and it's ok. That goes to show you we are all unique and we have different stories to tell.

3 - How did your perception of kids change after motherhood?
I am more tolerant and patience than I was before. I believe it's because when you don't have kids you haven't truly experienced what is like to love someone this much and tolerate a great number of unexpected experiences.

4 - What were your feelings when you had to drop your child off at your daycare?
My son is only 18 months and I did try to do this when he was 9 months and he/we lasted 3 days. I haven't gone back since.

5 - Do you feel that your first kid's arrival has brought your family closer?
Yes, definitely. In our case, there was a lot of division in our families and Daniel brought us all back together. It's beautiful to see what children bring to the world.

6 - If everything in your life was perfect, how many kids would you have?
Everything in my life is perfect and I am not sure how to answer this question. I would say I'll answer to this next year. back since.

7 - Do you secretly keep a plan for your child's future, or, do you think they should make their own decisions about it?
We are doing as parents what we can to provide the most important thing for Daniel which is health and education. But we are very open-minded about his decisions on what to do with his life. We will see if our constant inspiration and mentoring does something to his future. We hope it will.

8 - What has been your biggest challenge and the greatest satisfaction about becoming a mother?
My biggest challenge was the first pregnancy that ended up in a miscarriage. That brought up a lot of fear in my second pregnancy. I don't like to live afraid, and being a Life Coach makes me work on this constantly because I don't let fear stop me, but I do feel it.

9 - How do you summarize in 5 words your relationship with your baby boy?
Loving, Caring, Provider, Sweet & Whole.

10 - Thinking about all the changes that maternity brings, did you adapt to them quickly or did it take some time?
I don't think this happens right away, especially with being a first-time mom. I am sure the second time around is different but this first-time mom is challenging and it's an awakening to many phases of your life. Even if you read all the books and you are very accommodating at this stage. It does take some time to adapt and know yourself as a mother.

11 - What you'd have loved to know before becoming a mother, that super useful secret that nobody told you before?
That I was going to feel like I didn't know what I was doing but I was doing my best, and it was perfect the way it was.

12 - When do you think is the best age or time in your life to have kids?
The late 30s.

13 - Tell me your favorite thing about being a mom. And something that you don't really like that much.
I love the connection I have with my son. He's 18 months, and I am still breastfeeding. And the moment he sees me, he starts laughing and running to me, aaaw! that is the best feeling in the world. What I don't like is when we have bad nights, and he wakes up a couple of times during the night. That destroys me because I can't function or be my best self the next day. That's not fair for him, my husband or me.

14 - What do you think is that superpower that every mom should have?
It is getting time for ourselves. Separating that moment in the day just to be us, and feel beautiful, whole and complete just being on your own. It's challenging to take that time for ourselves while caring for everybody and everything around us. But I believe it is very healthy to keep our sanity as women to make time for us.

15 - If you had the opportunity to give just one and only one advice for life to your kids, what that would have been?
Always love yourself first and don't be confused with the thought that that is selfish because in the future to be able to create the life they deserve they need to learn to love themselves first and foremost. Also trust your instincts, kids, because they are usually right.

16 - What would you do, if fear wouldn't stop you?
Fear doesn't stop me. I experience a vast amount of fear but I don't let it get in my way. EVER...

17 - What is your favorite part about wearing Roxana Lynch headpieces?
The headpieces are so comfortable and adjust perfectly. They feel a part of my head and not something I need to be adjusting constantly. I was actually very impressed by that. I was using two for our photoshoot, and they were not heavy at all yet not flimsy, so it was a perfect combo of comfort and style!


+ Couture Hair adornments by Roxana Lynch
+ Carla is wearing:
+ Bastet Teardrop Crystal Headdress in crystal clear.
+ Esther Multiway Halo/Necklace in vintage snake chain. Both from Divine Collection

+ Photographer Maria Cordova
+ Photographer Assistant: Michelle Milian
+ Featured Super Mom: Carla Sanchez
+ Location: Parkland, FL

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