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It is exciting when a bride comes and tells me:

”Tradition is the rule, but, let’s do something different! Can we work together to create my next favorite headpiece?” 

That is music to my ears! Meaning, you are in the right place.

Maybe you are looking for gift ideas to honor essential women in your life on your special day, or to pamper your maidens with something exclusive that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Every woman is unique. With her own way to understand the world, her own look, and her own sense of style and self-expression. I take pride in believing that each one of RL’s designs must honor by all means the uniqueness and vision of who is wearing it.

Some gals want me to create a bridal hairloom they can keep using after the actual wedding. And those because are my dream projects! I always want to make you look your best, with comfort and many alternatives to wear your headpiece, and couture adornments, even after your big event!

Let’s enchant everyone with your next custom headpiece. This is how we can create magic together.

Roxana Lynch’s Custom orders may be:

+ Designs from scratch inspired by your accessories, gown, wedding theme, or special occasion. Fabric remnants, upcycled jewelry, or family heirlooms can be included.

+ An alteration of an existing piece you already own.

+ Small variations in accents of RL’s existing collections: beads, findings, and components. For instance, replacing pearls with crystals to match the appliqués of your garment.

I have to confess that after blissfully being collecting for decades, I have conjured up a vast stock of both, vintage and current findings that can be embodied into any headpiece. All to compliment your wishes and make you unforgettable. All infused with love, happiness, and light, to make you the soul of the party, on the stage, on the red carpet, or on the aisle.

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