How to Order

I’m glad to know that you are ready to transform your ideas into a unique treasure.

I take pride in to carefully and lovingly craft each one of my pieces, so you know your investment is worth it and is in good hands. Design Bespoke Commissions starts at $375, and ordering is very easy.

To give you a clear idea of how it all gets done, here are the steps of our workflow:

1. Collaborate

It all starts with you telling me about your wishes. After you read the four following steps on this page, fill in the form in contact. Make sure to share any design ideas, (preferences, style, colors, special features that you would like to include), and specify the timeframe in which you would like to have the piece finished. Feel free to cite any links with photos, or anything else you think could help to illustrate what you have envisioned. The more details you give, the more pleased and satisfied you will be.

2. Reserve

Additional questions may be asked to help clear up details and better visualize your dream headpiece. After you have approved the concept, look & feel of the piece, you will receive a custom listing to proceed with payment. Assembling time will officially start once payment is received.

3. Share

I will share information about the creation of your headpiece and welcome any feedback with you, including small tweaks to the design, if necessary. The last picture will be sent when the headpiece is ready to ship.

4. Celebrate

Enjoy a sparkly drink and get ready to receive your bespoke treasure!

I cannot wait to work with you and start creating your dream headpiece! Are we on this, together? Yes! I´m ready to order!