Store Policy

Many of our pieces contain vintage elements. Variation within these styles is a consequence of the limited nature of our vintage stock and does not indicate any type of flaw, in fact, it’s considered an attribute of character. Leaving vintage parts as found in order to preserve the charm and age of our designs is a part of the concept and values in my labor and aesthetic.

The composition of raw materials utilized to making all products can vary from time to time depending on their availability. For this reason, some of the product photographs will be constructed of slightly different materials than the shipped products. This will however have no impact on the overall appearance, workmanship or quality of the finished pieces

Product Care

Caring for your Roxana Lynch’s pieces starts with proper wear, knowing when to put them on and when to take them off.

To preserve your accessories to last for life, new and flawless:

+ Put accessories on after applying cream, serum, makeup, perfume and hairspray.

+ Avoid wearing pieces made of metal in wet or damp hair, in water or after swimming in salt water.

+ Handle gems and pearls as little as possible. Skin oil can dull their appearance.

+ Use or Silver Dry Cloths or Jewelry Polishing Cloths on metal for best cleaning results. It removes oils and dirt after use.

+ Avoid performing household manual tasks while wearing the items. Remove them as soon as getting home.

+ Keep your accessories in a safe place away from excessive sunlight.

+ Steam any feather accessories or textile that look wrinkled or has lost its shape.

+ Professionally dry clean textile accessories with a service that handles appliqués or beaded gowns.

+ Store them in drawstring pouch or their original packaging.

+ Place them in a container to prevent pieces from moving around and getting scratched when traveling.

+ Beware to keep clips, pins or any small accessories out of the sight of small children or pets to avoid accidental swallowing.

Repair Warranty

All items feature a warranty of repair free of charge, permitting availability of replacement components against defects in material and workmanship for a period of six months starting from the date of purchase.

Equivalent or substitute components may be used in the absence of the original. Customer receives personalized attention based on their requests..

What is not covered

Normal wear, misuse, neglect, accidents, improper care, wear and tear, damage, abrasion, alteration, abuse, disassembly of the product or natural breakdown of certain natural materials over periods of time.

Please email me with your request. Mention item/area of concern, date/location of purchase, your name, telephone number and contact information. Include photos. I will respond with instructions on how to proceed.

The customer is responsible for all repair shipping costs. .

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