Golden Circlet Halo


For the ever-changing Goddess who never has a dull moment and has the power to blossom from a state of complete chaos, always looking victorious and impeccable. This elegant circlet comes in gold tones with a rounded accent in its center symbolizing the beauty of Mother Earth and its infinite dance around the Sun.

Gaia Golden Halo is ready to ship and is presented in two versions to exude your charming divinity. Choose between the ancient and unique style, or the modern and fresh vibe.

The Antique Gold tone, comes in one-off ancient version. Features a vintage, very rare twisted helix chain with rounded links, repeating a pleasing pattern traced by the infinite movement of a Goddess on the go. It is conceived for just one eccentric gal who is ready to own her unique shine and look like nobody else. (Photos 1-2) 

The Light Gold tone, offers a fresher version. Comes assembled with a gourmet chain with exquisite oval links, textured, twisted and shaped in diamond cut to lie flat along your hair. Is finished whit a bolder chain for a more contemporary vibe, full of power and supremacy. (Photos 3-4) 

As seen on the Runaway on Funkshion, WPB Fashion Week and Telemundo

Wear it on the side of the crown of your hair as a hairband. Place it closer to your forehead and hit an elegant bohemian look.

+ Available in two golden versions

+ One-off version in Antique Gold
+ One version in Sun Light Gold
+ Embellished Intricate pattern design
+ Suits a vas scope of hair do’s, and hairstyles
+ Extra chain length to adjust desired size
+ Flexible, lightweight, great for travel
+ Extremely secured with lobster clasp

Photo by Elsy Aumann

+ Adjustable, one size fits all

+ Keep in original packaging
+ Wipe clean